Escape Time Dinan

Cooperate, explore and solve puzzles
to return victorious from this
amazing experience through time.

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Escape game

Enter an immersive enclosed space and,
in less than an hour, solve a series of puzzles
scattered around the place.

What is an escape game? For who? How much does it cost?

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Escape Time

The best of escape rooms

Our rooms

The Aubépine sisters’ mansion
The Aubépine sisters’ manor

Agent Alpha went through this manor. It is now your time to go. Be careful, you won’t be alone there…

 3-6 players | difficulte 3
english languageEnglish ready!
The castaways of the Black Storm

Awaken your adventurous soul... Can you unravel the secret kept by the crew of the Black Storm?

3-6 players | difficulte 2 or difficulte 4
english languageEnglish ready!
The castaways of the Black Storm
Escape games Birthday formula
Birthday Formula

Celebrate your kids’ birthday with an unforgettable moment, surrounded by their friends and family, with a scenario entirely adapted for the youngest!

From 9 to 18 years old

What is an escape game?

Cooperation, exploration and reflection will allow you to return victorious from this unforgettable experience through time!

The principle of an escape game is simple: you enter an enclosed space immersed in a particular and mysterious atmosphere and you must, in less than an hour, find the way to escape by solving the puzzles scattered around the place.

For an hour, become an explorer of time in search of the ALPHA agent who betrayed the agency and took away terrible secrets. Be careful: this man is very dangerous!

For who?

Between friends

Looking for a different activity with your friends? A special early evening? Cooperate, explore and solve the puzzles of our agency: ESCAPE TIME Dinan! An exciting and different start to your evening in search of Vincent LENOIR. Will you dare to face the mysteries of The Castaways of the Blackstorm or The Aubepine sisters’ manor?

With family

Children and parents will have to help each other to solve the puzzles and progress together towards the exit of the rooms of the largest live escape game in Dinan…

Companies and Works Council

Works council, organize an unusual activity with your colleagues.

Taking initiative, team spirit and observation will be the keys to success. A creepy haunted house in The Aubépine sisters’ manor or a search for treasure with The Castaways of the Blackstorm: team building in a different way!


Looking for an original and fun birthday? A bachelor or bachelorette party? A touching marriage proposal? We can personalize each of these events just for you and offer you an unforgettable experience!

ESCAPE TIME Dinan welcomes you in any circumstances!

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Business services

Team building, works councils

Are you looking to unite or develop cohesion within your team? The escape game is the fun activity that will meet your expectations: cooperation, taking initiative, communication... Nothing like it to unite your teams!

Our services


Single price€28/player
Rates for students and children under 18
and person with a disability

Presentation of proof required before the game. Offer cannot be combined with current discounts/offers.

Price for children 13 years old or less€22/player

Information on child/teen version (from 9 to 12 years old)

  • Please note: 1 or 2 chaperones are required with children under 12 in the room.
  • For groups of 5 children or more, chaperones are FREE.
  • From 6 children, 2 FREE chaperones are required.
Special rate for 2 players€75 the game

Our rooms are playable from 3 players minimum. This price is valid if you wish to book for 2 players, accompanied or not by children under 10 years old. Reservations only by telephone on +33 (0)6 79 09 87 84.

Birthday formula€35/child

A game session, a cake accompanied by drinks, soft drinks, sweets and a dedicated space to enjoy afterwards during the gaming session, you will have board games, puzzle games, etc. at your disposal.
Reservation terms specified on the Birthday formula page.
Payment by gift card or CE tickets is not valid on this plan.

Group rate / CE / CompaniesDiscover our offer
  • FREE for accompanying adults in a group of 5 or more children. Do not count him as a player when booking.
  • FREE for children under 8 years old accompanying their family. Do not count them as players when booking.
Payment methods accepted
  • When booking online, you have the option to pay either in full or a deposit (the balance will in this case be due on the day of your session).
  • Bank cards (secure payments with Systempay), cash, checks, holiday vouchers.

Moyens de paiement

  • Our rooms are playable from 15 years old without a mandatory companion in the room but a responsible adult must remain on site for the duration of the session (our reception area remains open) and 9 years old with a COMPULSORY companion. No group of children without an accompanying person will be admitted.
  • For temporal agents under 12 years old, the adventure may be too complicated. They will be able to participate by searching the premises but they will not be able to solve puzzles.

For any questions, contact us on +33 (0)2 96 82 17 21 or via our contact form.


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Escape Time Dinan

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